Bubble wrap

The Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic material made out of polyethylene employed used to cushion or protect packed goods. The bubbles in the plastic sheet are spaced in a regular way. Projecting air-filled humps, the "bubbles" produce cushioning for valuable or delicate items.

The Bubble wrap was invented by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes, in 1957. The term "bubble wrap" is a trademark of the Sealed Air Corporation which was founded by the inventors in 1960. The unrestricted term for this material is "air cellular cushioning material", but it is usually called "bubble wrap".

Bubble Wrap is used to cushion fragile and precious items and is available in different sizes. It could vary betwen small as 1/4 inch in diameter and as large as an inch or more, in order to render better levels of shock absorption when moving. Also the material itself can offer some form of protection for sensitive electronic parts and components. Using a kind of bubble wrap that employs an anti-static plastic that dissipates static charges, thereby protecting against static which can damage them.

Bubble wrap is also considered a distracting pastime. People like to pop the plastic bubbles and to listen to the popping sound it makes. In the moving process bubble wrap is very useful and essential. It act as a protective barrier avoiding any damages that occur throughout the moving process.

Bubble Wrap is an extraordinary flexible protective material that is excellent as a cushioning material, void fill or even surface protection. It is the decisive in fragile protection. Bubble wraps are very good for wrapping glassware, mirrors, electronics, and collectibles etc. Before packing, just wrap items using the bubble wraps. For better protection, the items can be wrapped more than once. Another good tip is to line the boxes with bubble wrap before packing breakable and delicate articles.

Stretch wrap

Stretch wraps protect everything and anything. In the moving process, they protect against dust, dirt, scuffs, nicks etc. They are great for sofas, tables, dressers etc. Stretch wraps are used to bind, bundle and fasten when moving or storing. They stick to themselves and they have adhesives and it causes no damage when unpacking. Once the stretch wrap is stretched around an item it wrap-form fits around the article. They are very strong and can be used to bundle any household goods and thus ensure that they are moved without any damages.

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Adhesive bubble wrap

Adhesive bubble wraps have an adhesive backing and this in turn sticks to any surface

Cohesive bubble wrap

Cohesive bubble wraps is similar to adhesive wraps but it sticks only to itself.

Anti-static wrap

Anti-static wraps are made from a special combination of plastic and it provides protection for electronic goods that can get damaged due to any static energy.